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The farm has an ancient history. The tower dates back to the early 1100s. In the 1700s silkworm breeding was practiced at Torrino dei Gelsi. Silkworms fed on mulberries, and there are still centuries-old specimens of these magnificent trees on the estate. Torrino dei Gelsi takes its name from the old tower =Torrino and the impressive mulberry trees = Gelsi.

At the end of the 1800s Cesare Manni was founded the farm, which has been producing extra virgin olive oil ever since and is currently run by his grandson, Livio Terilli.

The Azienda Agraria Il Torrino dei Gelsi has a flat area of about 10 hectares planted with olive trees and located in the area of the future DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta) of Terre Tiburtine.

From the centuries-old olive trees an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality is produced mainly from the cultivars leccino, frantoio, rosciola, rotonda and itrana. A small part of the olive grove area is used for the production of table olives.

100th anniversary year 2022

Extra virgin olive oil "SAXULA" has been produced by the farm since the distant 1800s.
As early as 1921, the oil from the cultivars of this fortunate geographical area was awarded a major prize at the industrial congress.

The olive grove consisting of more than 1,000 centuries-old olive trees and 300 young trees of the itrana category covers an area of about 10 flat hectares located at an altitude of 350 meters on a hill named Faustinian in memory of one of its most famous and ancient inhabitants: Faustina, wife of the Roman emperor Antonino Pilo.

The mix of the cultivars leccino, moraiolo, rosciola, rotunda and itrana characteristic of this area combined with particularly favorable climatic and environmental conditions, the perfect combination between an ancient oil-making tradition and modern cultivation techniques, give the oil produced its characteristic green color, a very low acidity and a fruity flavor with a good balance between bitter and spicy. Saxula extra virgin olive oil encapsulates within it all the scents and flavors of this noble land, thanks to harvesting done by hand and a sudden cold extraction of the “yellow gold”.


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